Hi! I'm Tine Kühnel

I'm your link between technology, communications and digital design - and enjoy making the complex simple!

Visual communicator of complex relationships

Seeing patterns in complex relationships - transforming them into easily interpreted handovers

Masters: Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Animate, Muse, After Effects, InDesign and Photoshop

Data and code

Identifying relevance in data based on audience context and how to transform the format into actionable insights

Building small prototypes in e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript to test interaction patterns on users

Process oriented project facilitator

Connecting the right team and ensuring that the process is lean, fun and self-documenting

Deep experience with design processes: Lean UX, User Story Mapping, Design Thinking and Sprints

User insights

Qualitative and quantitative testing, analysis, gathering and mapping of user observations

UX, UI, techno anthropology

Idea generator

Generating ideas with a holistic approach - structuring them into visual clusters

Listening to my gut feelings, staying curious, testing ideas fast on real users to get response


Feel free to call me if you have an idea or fun project on your heart

Phone: +45 2561 4736

Mail: tinekuhnel@tinekuhnel.dk